Your key to street parking


The Parkarr app connects drivers looking for street-parking with those leaving their parking spots.



How Parkarr works:



Host a Spot

Indicate that you are vacating a parking spot.

1. Set a location

2. Enter departure date + time

3. Host your parking spot

Gain 1 point for each host spot, and improve your trust ratio with successful exchanges.

For every 5 points, we will give you special Parkarr rewards.


Find a Spot

Search in your location or another neighborhood of your choice.

1. Search by location, date + time

2. Request a spot

3. Arrive and park

Once a reservation is made, the user's car make, model, color and image will become visible to the other user.  


Additional Features:

  • GPS tracking

    to see when Parkers are on their way and their estimated time of arrival (ETA)

  • Late request

    feature for when you are running late